Board of directors

Jeffrey Largier


Khosrow Kyanian


Stephen Tobin


Greg Dunlop



Our team

RDunlop - BW IMAGE

Rick Dunlop

Chief Executive Officer

Jim Cagney

James Cagney

Chief Operations Officer

James as Chief Operating Officer has extensive experience in 2D and 3D onshore seismic acquisition. With a seismic acquisition and surveying background spanning over 17 years both within Australia and abroad James is an integral part in leading the operational team at Terrex Seismic and provides invaluable leadership and insight into the planning and integrity of our operational efforts.

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Ricky de Ruyter

Ricky DeRuyter

Chief Financial Officer

Joining Terrex Seismic in 2017, Ricky as Chief Financial Officer brings a wealth of knowledge and experience offering strong commercial insight and understanding towards the achievement of strategic and operational business outcomes and improvements within Terrex Seismic.

Richard Barnwell

Richard Barnwell

Chief Geophysicist

Richard is Terrex Seismic’s Chief Geophysicist. In addition to leading the geophysical integrity of our seismic designs Richard is also responsible for managing our in-field processing department. With over 25 years’ experience in industry Richard is highly proficient in working with a wide range of data acquisition and processing techniques and ensures that the geophysical objectives of seismic remain centre stage when planning client surveys.

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Richard Barnes

Richard Barnes

Senior Operations Manager

Richard “Dicko” has an extensive 2D & 3D onshore seismic career spanning over 35 years. As Operations Manager for Terrex Seismic since 2004, Richard is a well respected and crucial member of the team. With extensive experience domestically and abroad, Richard has a deep operational understanding of all aspects of acquiring onshore seismic surveys.