2D, 3D, 4D Seismic
Reflection Recording

Increase the chances of a successful exploration project with high-quality seismic reflection recording from an experienced and innovative industry leader.

Our Australian-owned business uses 2D, 3D and 4D technology to deliver data you can use to make accurate decisions about where to focus your valuable exploration dollar.

2D seismic

2D seismic

Survey large areas
with 2D seismic

Assess your acreage, infill existing 2D grids, delineate regional structures and identify resources to drill.

3D seismic

3D seismic

Increase drilling success rates
with a 3D seismic survey

Reduce uncertainty associated with structure or stratigraphy to accurately position wells or boreholes.

4D seismic

4D seismic

Optimise the life of your oil
or gas field using 4D seismic

Monitor fluid movement and differentiate between the drained and undrained portions of your reservoirs.

Since 1981, we have delivered the most innovative seismic data acquisition solutions to the oil & gas, minerals, coal and research sectors.

Profitable energy exploration starts with seismic reflection recording

Seismic data acquisition is by far the best tool available for providing accurate images of the subsurface and assessing the exploration potential of your acreage.

Terrex Seismic’s high-quality, cost-effective seismic reflection recording services are designed to minimise impact to the environment and landowners, and maximise health and safety outcomes.

The seismic method uses different energy sources to generate the seismic wave and sensors to record the reflected and refracted seismic energy in both land and marine environments.

The seismic technique has been used since the 1920s to search for natural resources. A century on, we have the world’s most advanced technology to draw on, including automated nodal recording technology. Our advanced nodal technology drastically improves the quality of your seismic data and the commercial potential of your project.

Make informed decisions

Since 1981, Terrex Seismic has assisted our clients in achieving their exploration objectives. Our imaging capabilities range from 50 metres to 50 kilometres depth for petroleum, geothermal, groundwater or mineral targets.

Terrex Seismic maintains technologically advanced equipment and the most experienced and qualified onshore seismic acquisition and processing specialists.

Whatever your exploration goal, our experienced team can help.