Nodal Recording

Terrex Seismic is the only Australian based seismic contractor to own 48,000 SmartSolo® Nodes

SmartSolo nodes

The latest innovative nodal technology from Dynamic Technologies (DTCC) cuts down on data acquisition costs, reduces crew size, minimises cultural heritage exposure and environmental impact, and has expanded land access possibilities while acquiring high-quality, cost effective, 2D and 3D seismic data.

SmartSolo® Nodes are an advanced technology that improves the quality of seismic data and has significant benefits for HSE outcomes and operational efficiencies.

Why the industry is going nodal

Compared with traditional cable based seismic data acquisition systems, nodal technology allows for the rapid deployment, recording, and downloading of seismic data surveys. Nodal technology requires less equipment and therefore reduces crew size, resulting in less manual handling exposure, decreases in vehicle transport and an overall lower ground footprint. Node deployment is a rapid process allowing acquisition to commence immediately upon node activation.

Nodal systems also eliminate the problems of random noise and animal damage that cable systems are susceptible to. In addition, there is no wasted time repairing line breaks or trouble shooting spread making nodal recording systems extremely reliable and efficient.

The SmartSolo nodes are compact, lightweight and easily transportable, allowing for high-density point receiver geometries. Nodal technology is revolutionising seismic acquisition by minimising cultural heritage exposure, reducing environmental impact and expanding exploration opportunities to places previously deemed inaccessible.

The low-down on nodal technology

  • Reduced equipment volume
  • Increased channel count
  • Reduced crew sizes
  • Improved health and safety outcomes
  • Minimised environmental impact
  • Improved ground accessibility
  • Increased productivity no lost time on recording system
  • Reduced costs
  • No compromise to data quality
  • High density, point receiver geometries

Since deploying SmartSolo nodal systems across our crews in mid-2017, it has demonstrated improved HSE outcomes, operational efficiencies and increased spatial sampling capability while meeting our clients’ expectations for safe, high quality 2D and 3D seismic acquisition.