Vertical Seismic Profile (VSP)

Ensure you position your future wells or boreholes as accurately as possible by commissioning a Vertical Seismic Profile (VSP).

Vertical Seismic Profile (VSP)

When seeking a cost-effective contractor for your VSP project, look no further than Terrex Seismic – the Australian-owned industry leader in seismic data acquisition with a proven track record.

Terrex Seismic can integrate with numerous electronic systems. This allows us to work successfully with any downhole logging contractor for quick, efficient and cost-effective VSP acquisition.

Our expert team has assisted onshore explorers in Australia with their VSP acquisition needs for over 30 years.

Position more accurately with VSPs

Time to depth conversion in exploration is rarely trivial. To establish a more accurate tie between your well or borehole data and your 2D or 3D seismic data sets, you may need to acquire a VSP.

While subsurface rock velocities can be calculated from 2D or 3D seismic data, we can arrive at a more accurate depth conversion if the seismic data (in time) is tied to actual wellbore geology – the depth of which is known in metres.

This is where VSP comes in to correlate and convert the seismic data from time to depth. Acquiring multiple VSPs across the extent of your seismic data coverage will greatly improve the accuracy of the seismic data interpretation.

This in turn allows for more precise positioning of future oil or gas exploration or development wells, or boreholes for greater delineation of mining targets.

VSPs can also be used to obtain higher-resolution images than surface seismic images alone will allow. They are also ideal for looking ahead of the drill bit to see what’s happening below the current depth of the well/borehole.

Ready to go when you are

Terrex Seismic maintains a large fleet of high-quality vibrators of varying size and power to support your VSP endeavours.

With 32 vibrators at our disposal ready for deployment, we always have equipment available for your acquisition needs.

Terrex Seismic specialises in all types of VSP

  • Static source
  • Multi-offset – using single or multiple sources at different offsets and spatial positions around the borehole
  • Walkaway – where the source steps away from the borehole at regular intervals
  • Shear-wave – where a shear wave source is used (rather than a compressional P-wave source)