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Working with COVID-19

During this unprecedented Global Crisis of COVID-19 across Australia Terrex Seismic is doing all it can to prevent the spread of this virus and uphold the commitment to society we must all make as responsible members of this great Country.

With active operations ongoing through this crisis we are committed to doing everything within our control to mitigate the risk of transmission to our employees, clients and the community as a whole. As a company we have developed a COVID-19 committee tasked with overseeing the way our business combats this unparalleled risk to our very survival. The majority of our operational and administrative staff are now working from home and we have increased hygiene and cleaning requirements across the business.

The wide range of measures that have been put in place are both adaptive and fluid as we continually review, evolve and improve the way in which we work towards preventing disruption to our operations and providing an unwavering focus on doing whatever it takes to fight the progression of this pandemic.

If you would like to understand how Terrex Seismic are planning project specific mitigation strategies or just need a friendly voice to connect with, please get in touch!


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