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SmartSolo® increase to 48,000!

Terrex Seismic increases SmartSolo® nodal count to 48,000!

After noticeable improvements in productivity, operational efficiency, and crew optimisation across several surveys acquired over the past 24 months with Terrex Seismic’s SmartSolo nodal recording system the decision to increase our total channels available in country to 48,000 was an easy one.

Greg Dunlop, Director at Terrex Seismic, said: “Our decision to purchase an additional 20,000 SmartSolo channels was made to ensure we are able to meet our existing customers requirements, but also forms part of our longer-term strategy. We continue to be impressed with the performance, reliability and operational efficiencies we are experiencing with this system. The increase in our channel capability to 48,000 further reinforces our decision made nearly 18 months ago to move to SmartSolo as our recording technology choice.”

Combining Australia’s largest, in country, fleet of vibrators with our scalable 48,000 channel nodal acquisition crews, positions Terrex Seismic as the partner of choice when exploring how to best design a seismic campaign that improves project efficiencies and reduces HSE exposure without compromising the geophysical integrity of client deliverables.

Having acquired more seismic surveys with SmartSolo nodes than any other contractor in the world we are at the forefront of understanding how to best deploy and maximise the project benefits of this exciting technology. With equipment and remote camp facilities strategically located across prominent high activity basins we are well equipped to mobilise to your project site affordably and with commencement certainty.

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