What is Seismic Data Acquisition?

What is Seismic Data Acquisition?
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Terrex services the mining and resources sector by conducting 2D, 3D and 4D seismic surveys to image geology from near surface shallow coal seams (30m - 1km) to deep crustal basement (50km) and everything in between. 

Seismic data acquisition involves applying a seismic energy source, such as a vibroseis truck or shot-hole dynamite at discrete surface location. The resulting energy is reflected back from interfaces where rock properties change.


By recording this reflected energy at an array of geophones placed in the ground surface, the results can be processed to produce an image of underground geological structures and a range of attributes that can be used to infer the physical rock properties. Surveys can be conducted along lines to produce a vertical profile (2D survey) or over an area to generate a 3D sub-surface volume.

Terrex Seismic operates up to four seismic vibrators on each of its seismic crews using the Sercel 428XL Seismic Recording System with Sensor SM24 10Hz Geophones.